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I have a new project coming out early in 2010, and I need your help with the Cover Art.

We are holding a contest for artists with disAbilities.  All proceeds will go to support ASMT, a Middle Tennessee autism support organization.  The entry fee is $10.  Preferred media is canvas, but all entries will be accepted.  The winner will receive $100 and have their work displayed on the cover of my upcoming CD, "More Than Just Getting By".  The title song is now available for listening on the music page to give you a little inspiration.

Click here for a flyer for the contest: Cover Art Flyer

How to Enter: Please click here to download an official entry form:   Cover Art Application

When: Deadline for entries is January 18, 2010.  Judging will be done by an independent panel, and the winner will be announced around February 1, 2010.