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Morgan & Mom - Know The Hope

The new CD project “More Than Just Getting By” is coming out this month.  It will be available on CD Baby soon.  The new single "How God Measure a Man" is being released to radio this week on GodsChild Records. We’ll also have CDs available at the Bluebird Café Autism Awareness event on April 6th.  A portion of the proceeds go to support ASMT

 Thoughts and Thanks

I guess you could say this collage of songs is a family portrait, painted with words and music.  It’s who and what I believe in, how I get through the hard days, and where I find my joy.  I hope as you listen, you’ll hear things we have in common and be able to paint a portrait of your own.

My thanks to everyone who had a part in creating this project.  To the writers, musicians, and vocalists; you picked & mixed the paint.  To the producer and engineers; you guided the strokes on the canvas.  To the REAL artists from Rachel Motta’s Art Class at The King’s Daughters’ School, the photographer, and the graphic designer; you helped us see the music, gave it a beautiful frame, and hung it on the wall.  Kenneth Johnson, a special thanks to you for your pencil portrait. It was an honor to work with all of you.

To God, my family, and friends, whose love continues to bless me, I leave you this quote:

“So much has been given to me.  I don’t have time to ponder what I’ve been denied.”  Helen Keller